Logo design Super Last Minutes

a travel website

Over de klant

Super Last Minutes is a travel website, aimed to help people find the best (last minute) travel offers, e.g. from TUI, Thomas Cook and Neckermann. The website is owned by Volo Media, where I used to work as an online media manager in 2018 and 2019.

Doel van het project

One of my responsibilities as an online media manager was graphic design. I was asked to design an approachable, commercial-looking and attractive logo.


I designed a new logo with some recognizable elements, such as an airplane and a wavy blue area, representing the sea or ocean. I chose to use bright orange and blue, which are typically associated with the theme. By using illustrations and designing a simple/basic logo, I managed to ensure that the logo matched the style of other websites of Volo Media, which is modern and playful.