I dream of a world where people feel more connected to nature, themselves and the people around them. I believe that world would be a much happier place!

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What can I do for your company?

👉 Help you increase your sales and leads, attract more clients & make you stand out from the competition by:

☑️ complete branding: marketing strategy, design, content, SEO, social media and more,

☑️ creating visuals such as logos, brochures, social media images, websites, newsletter banners, PowerPoint presentations…, which are relatable and attractive for your target audience,

☑️ writing easy-readable and well-researched content, for your website, social media channels and newsletters, targeted at your audience.

👉 Increase the SEO value of your website by:

☑️ writing SEO blogs and articles,

☑️ helping you optimize your website using SEO tricks in images, content, using specific tools…


“It was a pleasure to work with Chloë, she understood from the beginning the goal of the project and she was highly committed to it. I totally recommend her to those who are looking for a professional copywriter.”

~ Giulia (Weekendesk)


“Chloë has done a quality work. I asked her this job quickly, she didn’t hesitate to shorten her deadline! In addition, she let’s her creativity express itself without limit since she offered me more sketches than expected.”

~ Antoine (AthleTea)


“Chloë levert professioneel werk af van hoge kwaliteit. Daarnaast heeft ze zelf goede inbreng en past ze direct zaken aan als je hier naar vraagt. Ze begrijpt precies wat je vraagt en doet precies wat je van haar verwacht.”

~ Ruben (Customer Connect)

grafisch vormgever

A bit more about me…

I am creative and smart. But so are all the other designers and writers, right? 😜 So what makes me unique? Let me sum up my best qualities. I am:

  • Social and empathic. For me, connection and mutual understanding is superimportant. I like to exchange ideas and brainstorm. I believe this is the way to get the best results, as well as satisfaction for both parties.
  • Original. I love to think and work out of the box.
  • Value-oriented. I set my prices correctly and offer high value in exchange. For me, value is king and money is just a means!

What about you? What makes you and your company unique?

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57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website.


These are some examples of designs I have created for previous clients.