How to easily add a summary field to a blog post in Elementor Pro in 2021

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On a blog page or home page, it is common to use the widget ‘posts’ to make posts automatically appear in columns, each with a short caption, title, date, image… When there is no summary field Elementor will make a caption from the first few words of the post, which is usually not an entire sentence. This means that the caption will be cut off mid-sentence.

To avoid this you need to add a short summary to your blog and make it appear as a caption. In this summary, you can put a CTA. Since I myself could not find easily how to add a summary field to my blog posts, and found it by accident while searching the back office, I thought I’d share it with you.

Add the summary field

Go to settings – reading and select ‘summary’ under ‘for each post in a feed, include’.

Go to posts and open one of your blog posts. Above on the right, you will see ‘screen options’. Open this tab and select ‘excerpt’.

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Check the summary field

Scroll down in this post and you will see the summary field or excerpt. Now you can fill this in. The field will also automatically appear in the other posts.

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Make your summary appear on your blog or home page

Go to the page with the overview of the blogs, such as the home page or blog page. Click on the posts widget and select ‘show excerpt’ on the left under the left tab ‘content’. You can set the maximum length of the excerpt as high as you want. Don’t put it too low, because then a part of your summary may not appear.