logo design

Your company’s logo is usually the first thing people see. A good logo tells your audience what your values are and builds trust. 

A logo defines the colors and fonts of your brand identity. This means it will be the basis of all other designs, be it email signatures, business cards, web design… In addition, a good logo indirectly represents your company’s values, story and goals.

Using logos and graphic elements consistently and correctly is an important basic marketing principle.

Working with E-magined means your story will be heard! It will be the starting point of my work as a logo designer.

My style is generally minimalistic and corporate, but I can also work in other styles, such as playful, vintage, illustrated, … It all depends on what you need and want. Furthermore, my logos usually have a double meaning, which makes them unique and intriguing. An example is the logo in the image here, designed for an archaeological company, containing symbols of a trowel, magnifying glass and a trench.