Starting a business can be overwhelming. Believe me, I know. I was in your place just a bit less than 2 years ago. If I had contacted a coach back then, teaching me the things I know now, I would have reached my goals in way less time…

That is why I want to help solo entrepreneurs and other small startups, and share everything I have learned about growing a business in a sustainable and balanced manner. This is based on my own expertise, as well as on the 3 coaching courses I followed over the last 5 years.

You can book one on one sessions of 1h (price €70), or a package of 8 sessions, with reduction (price: €480), in which we work together towards your goals. Possible topics:

  • Professional growth: (re)defining your goals, planning, mindset, communication…: how to be happy in your work, as well as work less and achieve more 😉
  • General start-up advice: what really works and what doesn’t
  • Canva: learning basic design (for social media, website, basic logos…)
  • Content and copywriting: how to write powerful content and copy that attracts your audience
  • Making your own website: we will discuss several options according to your budget and the basic steps you need to take to start your own website
  • In-depth web design (WordPress) classes
  • MailChimp: writing and designing your own newsletters;
  • Social media: how to find the right channels to post on, what to post, when, how to make ads…