Brochures and white papers

Brochures and whitepapers are publications with information about a company, products, services, policies or technologies.

A brochure is a print or digital publication, either a folder, generally printed on both sides, booklet or a series of A4 pages. A company brochure outlines the company’s general information, history, benefits, products, services, prices and contact information. Brochures can also focus on a specific product, event or service. A white paper on the other hand describes how a technology, product or policy solves a certain problem.

Based on the content provided by the client and the brand identity of the company, I will design the layout of your brochure or white paper. If required, I can also work on the content and structure. I can include and design icons, illustrations, images and infographics to ‘pimp’ the brochure. This all depends on the budget and goals.