Web design and blogs A Cup of Klo

My own blog website

About the client

A Cup of Klo (URL acupofklo.com) is my very own lifestyle blog, where I write about everything concerning health, happiness and relaxation. Klo is my nickname, short for Chloë.

Goal of the project

I started with this blog because I struggled a lot with anxiety and depression in the past, and I wanted to inspire others with the things I have learned to help me with those issues. In addition, I want to start including Adsense and affiliate links to gain some money with this blog, but I haven’t started working on that yet.


I created this website in WordPress, using the plugin Elementor Pro. It was my very first web design project, as in a website that I created entirely from scratch on my own. The colors and font I used match with my personality and the aim of this blog: soft pink, purple, blue and an elegant, soft font. All the blogs are personal, but based on (scientific) research and sources, such as from professional life coaches, renowned health websites and so on.