Dutch and English blogs Willow

a social media growth company

About the client

Willow is a social media growth company. They help service-driven businesses to grow and enhance their social media presence: engagement, followers, CPM…

Goal of the project

In November 2021, I was asked to write an SEO blog in Dutch and English with social media tips for boomer marketeers. The briefing with the topic was given by the client.


Currently, we are working together on a long-term basis. I write about 5 blogs per month. I have already written a number of blogs for different buyer personas, such as consultants and boomer marketeers. Each time I write a Dutch blog of about 1000 words and translate it to (American) English. Examples: www.willow.co/blog/why-personal-branding-is-important-for-consultants, nl.willow.co/blog/how-consultants-can-use-social-media-for-personal-branding and www.willow.co/blog/how-to-reduce-your-social-media-clutter-in-a-matter-of-hours.