Branding, web design and social media management for Centrum voor Mindful Leven

a therapist

About the client

Centrum voor Mindful Leven is the creation of Marisa Hoslet, a cognitive behavioral and mindfulness therapist from Ronse (Belgium).

Goal of the project

In December 2021 Marisa asked me to design a website for her. As there was no branding yet, I suggested to start with a marketing analysis, logo and branding guidelines.


I created branding duidelines, including a logo, content guidelines, logo usage guidelines, graphic elements, and more. After that, I designed a website in WordPress Elementor and wrote new content for the website, based on the branding (see In addition, I created the English website and wrote all the content for that as well. The next step was designing posters, screensavers and cell phone backgrounds. Currently, I am managing the social media channels: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.