Brand identity, web design and content E-magined

my own company

Over de klant

I had played with the idea of starting up my own business for a few years, and finally decided to take the big leap in the summer of 2020. I developed my own website in March 2021 using Adobe XD, WordPress and Elementor Pro. More info can be found on my About page.

Doel van het project

For the logo, the goal was to develop a minimalist, colorful, modern and appealing logo. The website then had to be based on the brand identity of E-magined. For the content the structure and length was important, in that I wanted to avoid long and redundant content and make the content to the point for my potential clients.


I designed a logo with a triangle instead of the letter A. This triangle is a conceptualized top of a pencil, referring to the main activities: writing and design. The website is designed in the brand identity colors and a common (for web design) and modern font, Montserrat. I also wrote all the content on this website and the blogs on the blog page. By using colored backgrounds I managed to structure the content well.