Brand identity design PANlab (Ghent University)

a research lab

About the client

Psychopathology and affective neuroscience lab (PANlab) is a research lab of the Department of Experimental Clinical and Health Psychology at Ghent University. The research focuses on affective disorders and interactions between affect and cognition.

Goal of the project

I was asked to design a logo and brand identity guide for PANlab. The colors and font of the brand identity of Ghent University, and more specifically the Faculty icon (of the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences), had to be used. The logo had to look modern and minimalistic, but warm and attractive at the same time.


I designed a modern, minimalist logo, using the faculty icon color orange and font. The logo was inspired by different ideas, based on aspects that are unique for PANlab and its research activities, s.a. a question mark and electromagnetic waves inside the empty space in the head (the icon).