Brand identity design AthleTea

a webshop selling herbal teas and infusions

About the client

AthleTea is a start-up webshop that sells teas and infusions for athletes, with 100% natural ingredients. One of the products AthleTea sells is a tea that reduces muscle pain after sports.

Goal of the project

The request was to design a modern, simple, elegant, and dynamic logo, to target (young) athletes. The client wanted the aspect of nature and sports to be incorporated into the logo in a very obvious and clear way.


I opted for a logo with two (tea) leaves, which can also be viewed as flames, referring to fire, energy, muscle pain, hot tea, … and even water drops, referring to sweating, tea, … These leaves contain two figures that raise their arms in the air, which can be interpreted as sportspeople during a workout or winners of a competition. The font I chose has a sporty, modern look. In addition, I designed a brand identity guide, including information about the colors, fonts, examples and mockups. The client was very satisfied with the result.